Greetings card - portraits

Greetings card - portraits


Four blank greetings cards featuring portraits of prominent figures in the history of the Royal College of Physicians. All of the images are taken from the portrait collection at the RCP.

King Henry VIII established the College of Physicians in 1518, having been lobbied by his own physician, Thomas Linacre. This painting is based on the popular Hans Holbein portrait and probably dates from the 16th century.

Sir Theodore Turquet de Mayerne was born in Geneva but eventually settled in England, serving James I and Charles I. He supplied the royal dedication to the first edition of the RCP’s Pharmacopoeia Londinensis in 1618. This portrait, by an unknown artist, shows Mayerne as a well-built figure and he eventually became immobile through obesity. However, he maintained that ‘an evil soul never dwells in a fat body’.

Physician to Henry VIII, Thomas Linacre lobbied the king to establish the College of Physicians, and was its president from the founding by royal charter in 1518 until his death.  Painted in 1810, the portrait is based on the likeness of Linacre held in the Royal Collection.

Size: 175mm x125mm.

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Greetings card - portraits