Adolescent medicine



Edited by Aidan Macfarlane, director of the National Adolescent and Student Health Unit, Oxford

This publication was based on a conference organised by the Royal College of Physicians in 1995.

The apparent good health of adolescents has meant that their particular health needs have not been identified or given the attention they deserve. This addresses the problems and challenges to health that are faced by adolescents, and in doing so help bridge the gap between paediatric and adult medicine.

The topics explored by doctors and other health professional, social workers and administrators include the use of illegal drugs, sex, AIDS, pregnancies, suicides, accidents, alcohol and smoking, and common diseases such as skin disorders and diabetes.

The organisation of services, and the manner in which the health needs of adolescents are approached and managed are often crucially important to successful outcome in this age group and are also addressed here.

Copies available on request.


  • Forward by the president of the Royal College of Physicians
  • Part 1: defining the medical problems
  • Health and illness in adolescents: a national overview - Hilarie Williams
  • Sociological aspects of adolescent health and illness - Priscilla Alderson
  • National research and development priorities in adolescent health - Aidan Macfarlane
  • Part 2: services for adolescents - what should they be?
  • Primary health care and adolescence - Ann McPherson
  • Community services for the school-age child - Leon Polnay
  • Developing a service for adolescents in a District General Hospital - Christine Baker
  • Part 3: specific medical problems
  • Injuries to adolescents - Jo Sibert
  • Growth and puberty - Elizabeth C Crowne and David B Dunger
  • The adolescent with diabetes - Stephen Greene
  • The skin in adolescence - Terence J Ryan
  • Part 4: psychological aspects of adolescents
  • Suicide and attempted suicide in young people - Keith Hawton
  • Young people and illegal drugs - Philip Robson
  • Part 5: rights to health care
  • Do children's and young people's rights to health care in the UK ensure their best interests? - Zarrina Kurtz