Appetite and obesity: disorders of over- and under-eating

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Edited by Peter Kopelman

Why do some people eat more than they need, and others less, even though enough food is readily available? And why are some more susceptible to suffer consequently from the ill effects of over- or under- weight?

This book collates the papers presented at a conference held at Royal College of Physicians in 1998 on research and views on the physiological, genetic, environmental and psychological determinants of appetite and body weight. The aim is to provide the evidence for devising appropriate measures for preventing obesity and anorexia, including behaviour therapy and the use of drugs in the management of obese and overweight patients. The report, Clinical management of overweight and obese patients with particular reference to the use of drugs, is included as an appendix.


  • Physiology of energy balance: from cachexia to obesity - Michael J Stock
  • The psychobiology of appetite (energy intake) - John E Blundell and John Cooling
  • Energy expenditure and regulation of human energy balance - Andrew M Prentice and Susan A Jebb
  • Genetic determinants of anorexia nervosa and obesity - Graham A Hitman
  • Early environmental influences on adult body weight - Mary Barker and DIW Phillips
  • What is happening to the British diet? - W Philip T James, Ann Ralph and Karen McColl
  • Pathophysiology of obesity - why should we worry? - Peter G Kopelman
  • New prospects for the management of obesity: from molecular targets to novel drugs - Gareth Williams and Steven McNulty
  • Challenges in the field of eating disorders -Janet Treasure
  • The pathophysiology and medical management of starvation - Christopher R Pennington
  • Behaviour therapy for disorders of eating and weight: a behavioural therapists view - Jane Wardle
  • APPENDIX: Clinical management of overweight and obese patients: a report of the Royal College of Physicians

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