Assessing health needs of people from minority ethnic groups


Edited by Salman Rawaf and Veena Bahl

Published by the Royal College of Physicians and Faculty of Public Health, in collaboration with the Department of Health

To maintain a nation's health, it is necessary to ensure that everyone has equal access to the available health services. To improve the nation's health further it becomes necessary to look at the particular needs and expectations of the diverse groups of people, many disadvantaged, that make up a nation, and to make plans for providing them with the appropriate services in an orderly sequence.

This book shows how health needs assessment in the NHS could contribute towards a healthier nation. It directs particular attention to the special health needs and expectations of the larger ethnic minority groups in the UK, and includes a chapter on the unique health problems of the rising number of refugees and asylum seekers. A framework is provided for the quantative and qualitative assessment of the health needs of these ethnic groups and guidance is given on the allocation of priority to the delivery of the appropriate health services.

All those who care for the health and welfare of minority ethnic groups will find the information and guidance given here of great value when shaping policies, developing and implementing health improvement programmes and planning the delivery of quality services specific to the needs of their communities. It will be particularly helpful to public health physicians and practitioners, GP's, clinicians, academics, health service managers and planners and to those who work in voluntary organisations.


Part 1: Health needs assessment

  • Ethnic minority groups: national perspectives
  • Theoretical framework
  • Qualitative before quantative
  • Setting priorities for health care
  • Monitoring health status
  • Lifestyle and health choices
  • Health promotion - the Sandwell experience
  • Oral Health
  • Sexual and reproductive health
  • Addictive behaviours
  • Primary health care
  • Genetic services
  • Infectious diseases
  • Women and children
  • Learning difficulties
  • The elderly
  • Heart health
  • Breast cancer
  • Mental health
  • Refugees

Part 2: Consumer experiences

  • The MACHEM experience
  • The Asian experience
  • The African refugee experience
  • The Chinese experience
  • Overview: assessing needs to improve health
  • Index

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