Bowel care in older people: research and practice

Bowel care in older people: research and practice


Edited by Jonathan Potter, Professor Christine Norton and Dr Alan Cottenden

This book (published in 2002) is aimed at clinicians and carers - be they in care homes, in the community or in hospital - involved in the care of older people. It provides an invaluable resource for the practicing clinician, the research worker and those training in the management of bowel dysfunction.

The book is comprised of the edited papers delivered at a workshop attended by clinicians with particular expertise in the field of bowel care, and representatives of patients and carer groups. It contains recommendations for treatment and management based on research evidence, best practice and the consensus view of those who attended the workshop - including patients with bowel problems.

Based on the objectives of the workshop, this book

  • brings together the research evidence as it currently exists
  • produces evidence based statements with regard to practice
  • reflects the views of older people with bowel problems
  • highlights areas where more research is needed

A concise guide to management is included with the book, presented as a six page laminated foldout. This is intended as a means of quick reference for those working with elderly people with bowel problems.

'This comprehensive report forms a landmark in relation to research and practice regarding bowel care for older people. It is highly commended both for study and serious action.' (Professor John Brocklehurst, from the Forward)


  • Forward - Professor John Brocklehurst
  • Research - Pathophysiology of constipation and faecal incontinence - Dr James Barrett
  • Epidemiology and risk factors for constipation and faecal incontinence - Dr Danielle Harrari
  • Assessment of faecal incontinence - Dr James Barrett and Professor Christine Norton
  • Treatment of faecal incontinence - Professor Christine Norton
  • Toilets and toileting - Dr Mandy Fader
  • Use and abuse of laxatives - Dr Anton Emmanuel
  • Psychological approaches to bowel care in older people with dementia - Dr Graham Stokes
  • Personal perspectives - Individuals with bowel problems; Potential for change in nursing practice - Linda Nazarko
  • Practical guidance

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Bowel care in older people: research and practice