Future physician: changing doctors in changing times

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Report of a working party

The Royal College of Physicians 2005 report Doctors in society: medical professionalism in a changing world set out a definition and wider description of medical professionalism. The report's pivotal role in raising the profile of medical professionalism provides a background to this new report, which looks at:

  • the likely context in which healthcare will be provided 15 to 20 years hence
  • the roles and responsibilities of doctors in this future context
  • the anticipated challenges
  • the steps needed to make the most of the opportunities ahead

This report, published in 2010, is a charter for change and should be read by doctors, patients and the public, healthcare organisations, employers of doctors, and those involved in medical education and training.

To make change happen effectively, doctors will need to enter into partnership with many constituencies. But the commitment to change must come from within the medical profession itself and be driven by doctors. This report, therefore, aims to encourage doctors to be at the forefront of shaping the future of healthcare and the doctor's role in it.

The report can be downloaded as a pdf.


  • Contours of society
  • Good care for a good life
  • Personal partnership - the doctor and the patient
  • Leaders in troubled times
  • Calls for action
  • References

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