Greetings card - flowers - currently out of stock

Greetings card - flowers - currently out of stock


Four blank greetings cards featuring plants from the Royal College of Physicians medicinal garden.

Allium moly (yellow), also known as ‘golden garlic’ is a perennial plant related to the common garlic, but is not safe to eat.

Paeonia officinalis (pink) commemorates Paean, physician to the gods of ancient Greece. Historically, it was believed the roots could be used as a cure for epilepsy.

Solanum laciniatum (orange): also known as the ‘kangaroo apple’ this flower is a highly poisonous relative of the potato. It contains solasodine, used in the manufacture of steroids.

Watsonia pillansii (purple): this flower commemorates Sir William Watson (1715-1787) fellow and censor of the RCP. The flower was given his name in honour of his interest and writings on botany.  

Photographs taken by the Garden fellow, Dr Henry Oakeley.

Size: 148mm x 148mm

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Greetings card - flowers - currently out of stock