Horizons in medicine 20: updates on major clinical advances


Edited by Professor Peter Mathieson, Professor of Medicine and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Bristol

The Horizons in Medicine series provides physicians of all backgrounds and levels with an invaluable insight into these exciting times in the field of medicine and an opportunity to broaden their knowledge of other specialties.

Based on the 2008 Advanced Medicine Conference at the Royal College of Physicians, this volume brings together a series of articles representing state-of-the-art reviews written by acknowledged experts.

A diverse range of clinical and scientific topics in which there have been important recent advances is covered in this widely respected publication. Many of the most important causes of morbidity and morality are addressed within the articles. Some chapters show how basic science can be applied to human disease, while other chapters show that direct clinical application of the new knowledge is still a future dream rather than a current reality. Self-assessment questions provided at the end of each chapter enable the reader to consolidate their knowledge and further their continuing education.

Glimpses into the future are provided by articles on cartilage replacement, ischaemic conditioning as a possible therapy, and stem cells. The volume concludes with an article based on the Linacre Lecture by Helen McShane on a new vaccine for tuberculosis.

Reading these articles gives grounds for real excitement about the pace of medical advances and genuine optimism that the burden of human disease is being tackled as a direct result.

This publication is essential reading for consultant physicians, general practitioners, or doctors in training, in the UK and overseas.



  • From models to treatments in asthma - Clare M Lloyd
  • Lung cancer: risk and prevention - Tariq Sethi


  • Lessons from haematology trials - Keith Wheatley


  • Progress in stroke - Ian P Reckless and Alistair M Buchan
  • Multiple sclerosis: a brief clinical update - Paul M Matthews
  • The neuroendocrine response to stress - Stafford Lightman


  • Atherosclerosis - Patrick Calvert, James H F Rudd and Martin R Bennett


  • A new generation of point-of-care rapid tests - Helen Lee and Magda Dineva
  • One-hundred-year update on the diagnosis of latent tuberculosis - Ajit Lalvani and Muhunthan Thillai
  • Sexually transmitted infections - Paddy Horner


  • How far are we from liver replacement? - Humphrey Hodgson
  • Acute pancreatitis - Mark J Midwinter
  • Inflammatory bowel disease - Simon Travis


  • Childhood obesity - Anna Ford, Matthew Sabin and Julian P H Shield
  • Genetic disorders of the pituitary-thyroid axis - V Krishna K Chatterjee


  • Proteinuria and its consequences - Nigel J Brunskill
  • Use and abuse of diuretics - William D Plant
  • The 'epidemic' of chronic kidney disease - Charles R V Tomson


  • Cancer and the immune system - John G Gribben
  • Metastasis - Ian R Hart
  • Chemoresistance in cancer - Richard Callaghan and Emily Crowley


  • A simple monogenetic disease is not so simple after all: Garrod's legacy - David Weatherall
  • Common metabolic disease: what have those molecular geneticists ever done for us? - Stephen O'Rahilly


  • Osteoarthritis - Cyrus Cooper
  • Towards cartilage repair - Wa'el Kafienah


  • Recent advances in the treatment of age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy - Clare Bailey
  • Thyroid eye disease - Paul A R Meyer


  • Ischaemic conditioning: pre and post - Stavros P Loukogeorgakis and Raymond J MacAllister
  • Stem cells - Richard Poulson


  • A new vaccine for tuberculosis - Helen McShane

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