Local adult neurology services for the next decade


Report of a working party of the Royal College of Physicians and Association of British Neurologists, published May 2011 

Neurological disorders are very common, accounting for about one in ten general practitioner consultations, around 10% of emergency medical admissions (excluding stroke) and disability for one in 50 of the UK population. They include many different conditions of varying severity, some very common and others exceedingly rare, from migraine to motor neuron disease.

This report makes three proposals:

  1. an expansion and improvement of local services with a shift in emphasis from scheduled to emergency care
  2. better organised care for patients with long-term neurological conditions, managed in part through an enhanced role for specialist nurses and general practitioners with a special interest in neurology
  3. better local planning of services with increased clinical involvement within a commissioner/provider forum, creating a neurological network to improve clinical and financial outcomes.

The full report plus evidence presented by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Epilepsy and neuroradiology evidence provided by Ms Andrea Liu can be downloaded. These documents represent the evidence presented – by various expert individuals and organisations – to the working party. In all cases, the document represents work that was in progress at the time of the writing of the report. As such, the information presented and opinions expressed therein are those of the author, and do not necessarily represent the views of the working party, or the Royal College of Physicians.


  • Introduction
  • Definitions and the frequency of neurological disorders
  • Acute neurology services (emergency care)
  • Neurology outpatient services (scheduled care)
  • Long-term neurological conditions
  • Relationship with the regional neurosciences centre
  • Training
  • Workforce planning
  • Commissioning and implementing services
  • Appendix: Commissioning recommendations for local neurology services for a population of 500,000 


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