Travel-associated disease


Edited by Gordon C Cook FRCP

This book, based on a conference organised by the Royal College of Physicians in June 1994, reflects the widening scope and importance of the speciality of travel medicine in safeguarding the health of the traveller. Tropical medicine is concerned primarily with the management of infectious and exotic diseases, whereas travel medicine also encompasses accidents (particularly in the young traveller), jet lag, the increasingly serious risks of sex tourism and the hazards of vascular disease in the older traveller. All are described and discussed in this book.

Prevention of infection, either by providing information and advice, or by immunisation, vaccination or chemoprophylaxis are covered. Malaria continues to account for significant morbidity and mortality in travellers, but advice on chemoprophylaxis is often difficult to impart; the chapter dealing with malaria explains why this is so and discusses how the situation might be improved.

Also covered are the specialist problems encountered by members of ethnic minority groups who return for holidays to the land of their family origins, and by expatriates and those who live in the tropics long-term.

Specialists and general physicians in travel medicine, clinical tropical medicine and related fields as well as general practitioners, microbiologists and consultants in Communicable Disease Centres will find this book invaluable. It will also be an important source of information for those who work in or are associated with the travel industry.

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  • Epidemiology of travel-related diseases Daniel Reid
  • Malaria in travellers: epidemiology, disease and environment David J Bradley
  • Travellers' diarrhoea Michael J G Farthing
  • Travel-associated gastroenterological disease Gordon C Cook
  • Sexual behaviour of sex-tourists: conclusions from a study of the social and psychological characteristics of German sex-tourists Dieter Kleiber and Martin Wilke
  • Accidents and the traveller Richard J Fairhurst
  • How best to cope with jet lag Anthony N Nicholson
  • Exotic infections and the traveller William R C Weir
  • Travel morbidity in ethnic minority travellers Ronald H Behrens
  • Issues for long-term and expatriate travellers David R Hill
  • Prevention of disease in travellers Robert Steffen
  • Economic aspects of travel health Rodney Y Cartwright
  • Prevention of viral hepatitis Arie J Zuckerman

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