Modern medicines from plants growing in the RCP garden

Edited by Jane Knowles    Illustrated by Karl Simmons An exciting new publication exploring the R...

Silk scarf - long

Hand printed georgette scarf, available in three colours.  The delicate design takes its...

Medical Masterclass complete 12 book set: From the Royal College of Physicians

£576.00 £300.00
This third edition of Medical Masterclass is updated to reflect changes to the MRCP(UK) exam. The...

The Folate story: A vitamin under the microscope

By Victor Hoffbrand Uniquely among the thirteen vitamins, folate (folic acid) was discovered by a...

Curious anatomys' apron

100% cotton apron printed with an image from De humani corporis fabrica libri septem (On ...

Grave and learned men: the physicians 1518–1660

£12.00 £6.00
Louella Vaughan The Royal College of Physicians celebrated its 500th anniversary in 2018 and to o...

Enamel cufflinks

Stylish cufflinks in blue and white enamel with a gilt finish, depicting the Royal Colleg...

Denys Lasdun's Royal College of Physicians

£5.00 £2.50
By Barnabas Calder The Royal College of Physicians in Regent's Park is considered one of the fi...

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