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Discover our range of gifts and memorabilia, from traditional items including RCP ties and cufflinks to new items inspired by the huge collection of art, documents and artefacts housed at the RCP's home in Regent's Park.

Modern medicines from plants growing in the RCP garden

Edited by Jane Knowles    Illustrated by Karl Simmons An exciting new publication exploring the R...

Silk scarf - long

Hand printed georgette scarf, available in three colours.  The delicate design takes its...

Medical Masterclass complete 12 book set: From the Royal College of Physicians

£576.00 £300.00
This third edition of Medical Masterclass is updated to reflect changes to the MRCP(UK) exam. The...

The Folate story: A vitamin under the microscope

By Victor Hoffbrand Uniquely among the thirteen vitamins, folate (folic acid) was discovered by a...

Curious anatomys' apron

100% cotton apron printed with an image from De humani corporis fabrica libri septem (On ...

Grave and learned men: the physicians 1518–1660

£12.00 £6.00
Louella Vaughan The Royal College of Physicians celebrated its 500th anniversary in 2018 and to o...

Enamel cufflinks

Stylish cufflinks in blue and white enamel with a gilt finish, depicting the Royal Colleg...

Denys Lasdun's Royal College of Physicians

£5.00 £2.50
By Barnabas Calder The Royal College of Physicians in Regent's Park is considered one of the fi...